Eat your way out of this.


A quotation, in the manner of a smashed potato. 11

The whole of human relations and their social context, for starters.
(This dish is a catalyst for a cured and artisanal style of open ended exchange). 9

Nine thousand of something in a pile. 12

Sustainable communities, hand cut as wholesome ways of living.
(Price subject to change). 12

A long weekend with campfire pajamas . 16

The menu disrupts expectations of the menu.
Do not expect your expectations.
They will not be met. 12

Gush. 14
(2 gushes, or a goosh) 26

Our restaurant embodies classic variations of commonplace interventions. 10
(add “social engagement”) 13
(add social engagement without quotations) 29

The server is totally into you.
I'm just kidding.
(Local providers when available). 23


Tradition is old fashioned in our old fashions.
Old fashioned tradition is proudly reflected
in the mixing of our drinks. 
I see you reflected in the drinks.
You have a kind face. 15

Let us serve you! But not serve you! Serve yourself! 13

When buying organic sausage is all the politics you can mustard (The wurst). 17

The second time you see them naked. 13

We have removed the bones of it.
Bringing people together as both unique
and market valued. (Market value). 14


Art dies and is reborn artisanal in a reserve list inspired by the hues! 12
(Add Good Taste) 15

A broken tongue, mended, rediscovers
the pink end of a pencil. 20

We include it all here!
We are occupied! We are moving! (no longer free/still). 10

A hero sandwich. You are the hero. You bought it. 17

Meaning is elaborated collaboratively.
(No substitutions please). 17

Here we are! Understand us!
This is the correct tuna! We are ocean wise and land smart! 11

“You need to get your shit together.” 21
(add shitting together) 29

Playful design provides only the most serious and profound of mouthfeels. 29
(add the word “mouthfeel” to your next dinner party) 33

A small squid expecting to rise again (breaded)14

The man over at the next table
(texts his wife, sitting across from him) 17
(doesn't quite understand what is happening in Greece but has a theory) 27

Sand (oyster grit, between toes, swimsuit crotch, or bed tomorrow) 6

We utilize flavours for every lifestyle.(wink)
We are open-concept intimacy. (wink,nudge)* 18
*(I mean sex)

A man eats the smallest blueberry in the world. 13

3AM 7-11 burrito  5
(eating one at noon. sigh.) 12

A baker leaves her watch. 21

We are wrapped and cured in a daring preparation.
What enters is a temporary relief of things.
A brief whisper of sweetness from the end.
Aged to a delicate finish.* 13

*Your movements and vapours are created collaboratively and perfected in small batches. Yet, as elegant as our dishes may be, we are not responsible for the voracity, consistency or beauty of your movements or vapours nor by any misinterpretation of your bowels.