I imagine my work to be a playful and parodic examination of everyday objects and the transient codes that are developed for and by our very bodies in relation to these objects. My work often seeks to complicate the gaps between the intended use-value and reception of these objects and to disrupt and play with their naturalized and commonplace meanings.

The backbone of my work is humour, the anticipated reaction is laughter (however subdued, a chuckle even), yet there is an underlying tension of bodies within the work, a disconcerting movement between a comic pleasure (of recognition perhaps) and a desire to belong.

My work is ultimately about this desire to belong, and of not quite getting it right: the delirious instability of a juvenile imagination, the pursuit of unavailable objects of desire, the failed body, the parodic body. Here my parodies are somewhat hopeful as tools of transgression and as a healthy combination of hommage, conversation and thumbed nosed antagonism. Rather than imagining parodic forms as (improbably) pulling down the perceived threat of what-is-to-be-parodied, I see my work as engaging in dialogue rather than mere replacement, exploring new forms while allowing the 'old' ones to remain visible. and as an opportunity for the audience to simultaneously see the parodic surface and the thing parodied.

My material practice may include drawing, sculpture, photography, text-work, installation, collage and, painting. The materials used in my practice are largely dependant upon the specific project at hand.

Also, food.  Really, the work is just about putting stuff in your mouth. The mouth and food and art. For much of it anyways.  The drawings not so much. Well, maybe a bit.