My name is Jason Wright and I live and work in Vancouver.  I received a BFA in Visual Arts from Simon Fraser University, a Bachelor in Education (Art Education) from the University of British Columbia and an MFA in Sculpture from the University of Regina.  

Contact is probably as good as any other method.  Or 778 230 3787.


Some of the photography and documentation have been done by other folk.

The Sailorman Suite, Plating, as well as and we collapse as flesh within the angles of the room was documented by Collin Stumpf in Regina.

Drown was documented by Alan Hoffman.

The first 11 pictures from the 1995-2006 series are documented by Evan Lee.

Any other folk, I have either tried to find out who they were or have totally forgotten who they were. Or maybe I never knew to begin within. Who is to say? Anything relatively newish was taken by me. So there you are.